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Hello and a merry welcome to Runaloire. I invite you to take a look around. From our blog to our quaint little shop, I'm sure you'll find something that catches your eye. And if you don't, please contact us. I would love to hear your suggestions!

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Winter Season

❅ Winter

Click here to be whisked away to a season of frozen enchantment and rebirth. Within winter you will find the merriment of Yule & Imbolc.

Spring Season

❀ Spring

Click here to be whirled away to a budding season of new beginnings & youthful energy. In spring we celebrate Ostara & Beltane.

Summer Season

☼ Summer

Click here to illuminate your path and find your way to the season of the sun. In summer we celebrate Midsummer & the first harvest, Lughnasadh.

Autumn Season

☾ Autumn

Click here to dance your way through the falling leaves to the season of harvests, thankfulness and honoring those before us. In autumn we hold dear to our hearts Mabon & Samhain.

Maiden Mother Crone Yarn Spell
I've had this spell for quite a long time. I love the simplicity. Such an easy, yet very effective working. I've done this using ribbons, and honestly I prefer yarn. I like to wear my finished
Yule Tree Blessing Candle Spell
Not going to lie... the candles I use for this spell smell Ahhhh-mazing!  Well, rosemary is one of those scents that just seem to wrap around me like a huge euphoric aroma blanket. Ok,
Crone Goddess Smudging Wand
I have to say I'm falling in love with the simpler the better attitude, especially on the smudging wands. I had made a few long wands, and honestly shipping is an absolute pain. If the item
Return of the Sun, A Yule Candle Spell
I know... I know.  The awesomeness of October has barely left us and here I am posting Yule stuff. I'm normally not 'one of those'. I cringe when I hit the stores and see red &
Samhain & Autumn Leaves
October came and went with a flash. I didn't get a whole lot done in the store, or on the blog for that matter, but I did accomplish some pretty cool things. I have managed to get our homeschool
Smudging Feather Wand, Sassafras & Hag Stone
Another little lovely smudging feather wand has hit the shop! You can find it here, or for more options simply visit the main shop page. We also have a few new candles coming

What our customers are saying

"I love how feminine and powerfully protective this wand is!! And of course she is so so beautiful, Thank you Em"
Etsy Customer
“These candles are an amazing addition to my rituals. I can tell they were made with positive energy. I definitely will be buying them again"
Etsy Customer